Gon Fernandez

Freelance Front-End /Interactive Developer &
Creative Technologist

Personal Summary

I am a hardworking front-end developer with over 10 years experience in the advertising industry and over 20 years programming experience. I believe in building accessible, highly-usable, well-documented and attractive websites and microsites; online and mobile games; complex interactive banners; DOOH and experiences using the most appropriate tools and processes.

I consider myself a lateral-thinking individual with a meticulous eye for detail and I am capable of working under pressure on my own or as a strong positive member of any team. I have excellent communication skills, able to explain complex scenarios concisely and simply both in English and my native Spanish.

Furthermore I can help with a project from conception, advise on feasibility, write detailed technical specs, choose technologies to use, provide estimates for scopes of work and build prototypes.

Work Experience

The Telegraph Media Group
Freelance Web Developer
September 2017 - October 2017

I created a web application in HTML5 and JS that featured an interactive body map with hotspots to identify possible health warnings, to be part in an article for Werlabs. I also helped with several maintenance tasks, such as modifying existing video widgets and extending a simple quiz template into a more elaborate one.

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The Marketing Store
Freelance Developer
May 2017 - August 2017

Working at TMS I created an e-Reader app to be installed on over 4 thousand tablets across 2 thousand restaurants in the UK - people could sit down on the designated restaurants, open the app, browse through the gallery of the latest books, and choose the one they want to read.

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Grand Visual
Developer and designer - Creator and owner
April 2017 - May 2017

I was brought in Grand Visual to help build the DOOH campaign to launch YouTubeTV in the U.S., which involved creating over a dozen different banners to be displayed in major cities across America, which had content that changed dynamically based on area traffic, weather and location. After finishing that they tasked me to create another campaign for National Geographic.

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Senior Front-End Developer & Creative Technologist
April 2007 - December 2016

In my almost 10 years in WCRS I was a founding member and pivotal cornerstone of the Tech Team - being part of the Creative Technology department I worked closely with Project Managers, Creatives, Designers, Social Media, Account Managers, and almost everyone in the office to efficiently help deliver projects in time and form, from concept to production.

I have worked on everything from Flash and HTML banners to full-on online games, and from experiential installations to eye-tracking DOOH billboards. The clients I have worked with include Sky, Santander, Warburtons, Churchill and the RAF.


  • Hand-coded development (front-end, web and non-web tech)
  • Creative thinking and brainstorming, concepting and prototyping
  • Estimating project timings
  • Technical consultancy for the agency and helping Creative Teams
  • Writing technical and functional specification documents
  • Researching and identifying new technologies and their possible applications

Example projects

More at gonfernandez.com

  • Women's Aid - Look At Me [read article] [watch video]
    Winner of over 20 awards, including 2015 Cannes Lions' Gold and Silver

    This multi-award-winning digital out of home project used facial recognition to help members of the public "heal" the face of a domestic abuse sufferer.

    I was the lead developer, building it all from scratch in Flash and AS3, and communicating with Ocean Outdoor to ensure a smooth integration with their facial recognition technology across several of their billboards all over the UK.

  • RAF - Sound Skills [see it live]

    The Royal Air Force tasked us to create the ultimate test for people that want to apply as a linguist. We mixed compelling video with hard-to-hear audio for the applicants to try and decipher what's been said.

    All built in HTML5 and JavaScript, video preloading was crucial for this project as long as the ability to play inline on iOS devices, all this ensuring the product delivered conformed to Governmental standards.

  • NowTV - Westworld

    To launch the first season of Westworld in the UK we created an interactive video experience in which the user had to answer questions in order to get a result video at the end based on their answers.

    I was in charge of creating the microsite myself, which was done in HTML5 and JavaScript, used video preloading to ensure a smooth experience throughout and played video inline even on iOS devices.

  • NowTV - The Walking Dead #SaveThemNow [read article]

    Just in time for the 7th season to premiere in the UK we were asked to create the first ever live stream across Facebook and Twitter of a web-based visualisation displaying real-time data taken from social media.

    I was tasked with the creation of the microsite which had to be solid to run through a week without disruptions, receiving the votes cast through social media and updating the leaderboard based on them, cycling through several videos and images, and showing personalised 'thank you' messages for the voters.

  • RAF - No Ordinary Job [see it live]

    We created a hub for RAF to upload content like videos and images to promote that their job is not what people might think it is.

    I was the lead front-end developer for the site, using HTML5, JavaScript and discrete loading for all the content panels.

  • RAF - Operation X [read article] [play it here] [watch video]

    As part of the RAF Recruitment campaign, WCRS constructed an interactive video experience utilising both flat and 360 degree video on desktop and tablet environments.

    I was the one in charge of making the 360 video come alive, and concepting and creating the three minigames embedded through the experience. By the end of the project I was in charge of all the front-end, tasked with giving it the finishing touches and making sure it worked up to standards.

  • Royal Marines - Green Ops [see it live] [watch video]
    BIMA Award 2012: best game

    As part of their recruitment drive we came up with an interactive video experience in which the user would make decisions to see the story unfold. I was in charge of creating the game, ensuring that the video ran smoothly without interruptions all throughout, even up to the film director's standards. This project far exceeded the client's KPI's and winning an award in the process.

  • Subway - The Need for Feed [watch video]

    We built something similar to Angry Birds for them with a twist, instead of destroying things your objective was to feed hungry customers before the time ran out. I worked closely with the creatives from conception and designing every single level. Using Box2D as the physics engine I created the game in Flash and AS3, plus an editor to easily create and modify levels.

  • Radox - Samba Beats [check out the design]

    I was tasked with creating a game in which the player had to tap on fruits falling off a waterfall following the rhythm of a bespoke samba track. I did it from scratch in Flash, and worked closely with the sound editor to achieve separating layers on the music track that would be turned on an off depending on the player's success.

Ink Critter Ltd.
Owner and developer - http://www.inkcritter.com

My very own company to create games in my spare time, with two games successfully published for Android and iOs and more to come.

  • Get Out! 2 & Get Out! Remastered [play Get Out! Remastered on android or ios]
    [play Get Out! 2 on android or ios]

    The Get Out! series is a labour of love across many years - I originally published the first game, and the first half of the second game online and they had over 600,000 people playing them, and now I finished the second half of Get Out! 2! and a Remastered version of Get Out! and ported them for mobile. They are available both on the iTunes Store and Google Play for Android.

  • Pun Quiz [play it on android or ios]

    I created Pun Quiz from the concept to the illustrations (over 150 hand-drawn) to the development. The game is a rebus quiz, words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters. A bit like catchphrase, but more cryptic.

Holst Digital
Flash developer/designer – Freelance
March 2007 - April 2007

Freelance development work doing websites and banners using Flash and AS2.

Online games developer - Work Experience
February 2007 - March 2007

I was in charge of coming up with and creating two games for some of their more successful children's shows, in Flash and AS2.

Quality assurance technician – Contract
January 2007 - February 2007

I did a couple of weeks work experience testing video games, writing detailed bug reports and contributing ideas to improve level design and gameplay.

Developer and designer - Creator and owner
June 2005 - January 2007

My very own first online games website launched on January 2006, with more than 600,000 recorded visits that played the two 'escape the room' games (for the series 'Get Out!') I designed, built and published.

EPSON Argentina
Senior analyst programmer
March 1998 - October 2006

As a permanent staff member for over 8 years, I grew from junior developer to one of the lead senior programmers in a short time, working as part of the team resposible for delivering the embedded microcode for Argentina's leading fiscal printers.


  • Analysis and design of firmware for embedded systems (fiscal controllers), based on a 32-bit architecture, on ANSI C.
  • Developing customer-facing software for touch panel devices in HTML, ASP, SQL, VBScript and JavaScript, and designing interactive banners in Director and Flash.
  • Working as a team with other experienced programmers, constantly sharing techniques and ideas in tackling new tasks.
  • Implementing efficient coding practices such as writing reusable code, making it clean and legible, and keeping it well documented.
  • Maintaining the microcode, supplementing it with new features, adapting it for use in several countries, as well as intensive testing, debugging and problem solving.
  • Writing and translating manuals for both users and developers.

Commercial Skills

  • JavaScript including jQuery and GreenSock libraries
  • HTML5, CSS3 including animations
  • Adobe Animate, Air, Flash, AS3
  • Game and Physics Engines, such as Box2D & ImpactJS
  • Gaming concepts such as particle effects systems, pathfinding, AI, physics, world building, etc.
  • DoubleClick, Google Web Designer & Celtra
  • 3rd Party APIs including Facebook, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Twitter, YouTube & Flickr
  • OOP & Design Patterns
  • SVN and Git version control
  • Photoshop and Illustrator


Inst. Sup. Rómulo Raggio
PC Assisted Graphic Design Course
University of Cambridge – Local Examinations Syndicate
First Certificate in English
Sta. Teresa del Niño Jesus
1993 - 1997
Computer Oriented Expert Accountant - GCSE Equivalent
Computer Science (A*)
Mathematics (A*)
English Language (A*)
Art (A)
Physics (A)

Interests and Hobbies

  • Gaming, both playing and creating
  • Web and native mobile apps
  • Digital out of home
  • Responsive web design
  • WebGL
  • Augmented Reality
  • Films and Comic Books
  • Gymnastics and Flying Trapeze


Available on request

Contact Details

Address London, SW19
Mobile 07836719673
Email gon@gonfernandez.co.uk
Portfolio gonfernandez.com